Keto Sauces for Chicken That Are Just Awesome

Keto Sauces for Chicken

Keto does not have to e boring.  Spice your keto meals with great sauces. A dish is way better when combined with a well-made sauce. There are lots of sauces that you can make with different ingredients to pull out a tasty meal.

Improving your sauce-making skills will serve to make your meals high quality and mouthwatering. The sauces below can be used with a variety of dishes. So do not worry I have got you covered. In learning how to make these sauces you will be sharpening your cooking skills.

 They are keto-friendly with limited carbs. maintain ketosis while enjoying tasty meals with the sauces below.

1. Marinara sauce

It serves just the right amount of tanginess. With ingredients like vinegar, garlic, and tomato puree, you surely have something special with the marinara sauce. It will be delicious with chicken parmigiana.

How to prepare it

2. Wasabi mayonnaise

With high-quality wasabi and mayo, you can make this sauce. It is used in Japanese food to spice up. It is easy and quick to make even if you are in a hurry. Make your chicken wings tastier with wasabi mayonnaise.

How to prepare it

3. Homemade tahini sauce

It combines lime juice, garlic, spices, tahini, and olive oil to bring that tangy taste. It brings out that rich and fatty taste in your chicken. Do not be shy, use as much as you can of this sauce because it is keto compatible.

How to prepare it

4. Chicken mushroom sauce

Mushroom sauce is savory, very satisfying, and earthy. It is a leading brown source that will bring shine to your roast chicken. The ingredients include; onions, beef broth, baby Bella mushrooms, and garlic livened up with spices. To balance it off, dash it with balsamic vinegar.

How to prepare it

5. Cream cheese sauce

Cook it in a saucepan just as your chicken is about done in the cooker. Add it to your chicken to bring out that creamy, delicious flavor in your chicken.

How to prepare it

What sauces can I use on keto?

Keto does not have to be boring. You can splice it yup with keto-friendly condiments. The good news is that the versatility of condiments provides you with a wide variety to pick from.

Tobasco original red sauce

Is it keto-friendly? Certainly. It is comprised of three ingredients pepper vinegar and salt.  With no added sugar it is a good keto sauce option. Do not be afraid to flavor it up with this hot sauce since it has 0g of carbs and sugar per serving.

Primal Kitchen mayo with avocado oil

With moderate protein, low carbs, and high fat, it is a great pantry item to keep if you are on is made with simple ingredients like organic eggs, organic vinegar, avocado oil, sea salt, organic egg yolks, and organic rosemary extract.

Maple grove farms sugar-free balsamic vinaigrette

is a great salad dressing for keto. You do not have to compromise on your balsamic vinaigrette flavor. With no sugars and very low carbs, it is your perfect keto addition. Spice up your salad or better yet let it be a marinade.

Steve’s keto steak sauce

Low carb, high fat, and moderate protein are the target macros for a keto diet. Steak is the meal that can help you get there. Therefore, there is anteed for a flavorful steak sauce.  Can you use streak sauce on keto? It is simply an equation of carbs and sugars. If it has low sugars and low carbs then you can have it. It contains 2 g of sugar and carbs per serving hence a great addition for keto.

 The ingredients include; honey, tomato puree, balsamic vinegar, golden raisins, orange juice, Dijon mustard, garlic, olive oil, sea salt, hickory liquid smoke.

Maille old-style whole-grain Dijon mustard

Mustard is a great condiment being naturally low on carbs. it is made from vinegar, wine/beer, and mustard seeds. It is keto-friendly as long as no sugars are added for example mustard honey is one to avoid.

Some examples of mustards that are keto-friendly include; Dijon mustard, grain mustard, spicy brown, and yellow mustard.  Grain mustard can be added to your keto snacks. The ingredients include; mustard seeds, natural flavors, vinegar, sugar, lactic acid, white wine (5%), natural flavors, and salt. It is 0 g carbs and sugars per serving.

What sauces have no carbs?

Keto condiments complement any meal. They make it tasty whether you are including them in your cooking or just for dipping. They may be naturally keto or some sugar-free adaptations. More importantly, there have no or minimal carbs.

Avocado oil mayonnaise

 Creamy mayonnaise is one that you will like to have in is made up of natural oil subbed with organic avocado oil. You can go for the primal brand mentioned above. The chipotle flavor is also available to spice things up. If you mix it with sugar-free ketchup, you can have a tasty dipping sauce.

With a 1 Tbsp.  serving size, you will have taken only 100 calories comprising of 12g fat,0g carbs, 0g fiber, 0g protein, 0g sugar.

Coconut aminos

 It is a soy sauce alternative and is referred to as gluten-free soy sauce. If you have got keto flu it is just perfect because it is rich in sodium and electrolytes. Since it is gluten-free, it’s great for people with gluten allergies or generally those avoiding gluten.

A 1tsp contains five calories- 0g of fat, 1g of carbs, 0g of fiber, 1 g of sugar, and 1g of protein.

Hot sauce

it is a must-have in your keto pantry. Made from simple ingredients like chille pepper and vinegar with a touch of seasoning it is a keto staple. To make things better it makes almost everything tasty. Whether its spicy buffalo wings or cauliflower crust pizza.

 A serving of 1 tsp has 0 calories with 0g of carbs, fats fiber protein, and sugar. The ingredients include distilled vinegar, garlic powder, aged cayenne e red pepper, water, and salt.


 With a variety to choose from mustard severs you flavor in spicy and tangy proteins. It is delicious on almost does not matter if you are going for the classic yellow or the stone ground option. Mustard with added sugar or honey mustard are sauces that you need to stay away from. a keto-friendly favorite is the organic Dijon mustard.

A 1 tsp serving contains 5 calories with 0g carbs, fats, fiber, sugar, and protein. The ingredients include; organic vinegar, organic spices, organic mustard seeds, organic guar gum, natural flavor, water, organic turmeric, salt.

Sugar-free steak sauce

Containing natural ingredients and no preservatives it is certainly keto-friendly. The primal brand is a keto-friendly favorite. 1tsp contains 10 calories with 1g of carbs, 0g fat, 0g fiber, 0g protein, and sugar. The ingredients include; sea salt, water tamarind, balsamic vinegar, tapioca starch, ground ginger, juice concentrate, onion powder, mustard flour, sage, garlic powder, allspice, celery seed, distilled vinegar, crushed tomatoes, cloves. All the ingredients should be organic.

What wing sauce is keto?

The buffalo sauce is keto-friendly. With only two ingredients; hot sauce and some melted butter you know what you are consuming. Buffalo sauce has zero carbs and hence it is the best wing sauce for a ketogenic diet. It can be used to make cauliflower wings, buffalo chicken dip, and buffalo wings.

Is mayo allowed on keto?

As long as it does not contain sugar, mayonnaise is a good condiment for keto. It may have the right macronutrient composition to help maintain ketosis with zero carbs, high fat, and moderate is made with simple ingredients like salt, mustard, eggs, oil (avocado, canola, soybean, olive), and vinegar.

Emulsification gives it a creamy, velvety, and spreadable texture. When shopping for keto-friendly mayo here are a few things to look out for. The type of oil, olive and avocado oil is a healthier option since they contribute some healthy careful with soybean oil and canola which are common in stores but may have added sugars.

lookout for added sugars. Added sugars are a big no for keto. Any mayo with added sugar should be avoided. There are a variety of sugar-free mayo brands. So you have a chance to enjoy mayo on your keto diet without much sacrifice or compromise.

How many eggs a day on a keto diet?

The key thing in keto is to maintain your macro requirements. There is no set limit for the eggs to eat in a day on keto. If they do not affect your macronutrient or calorie requirement, then it is okay. Eggs are great for the ketogenic diet due to their macro profile that is close to the perfect keto ratio. They are highly recommended in a keto diet.

The sauces discussed above basically cover all your bases. A good sauce is what makes a dish special so don’t compromise on your sauce-making expertise. They are all very low carb and keto-compatible. A good sauce makes a meal more delicious and attractive. Improve your cooking skills as you maintain a ketogenic diet through these sauces.

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