11 Money Etiquette Rules Every Mature Adult Needs To Know

Money Etiquette Rules

They say that money makes the universe go round. Is this true? Let’s check out.

Since the beginning of time money has for centuries been one of the most valued things. Throughout human history, man has sought ways to make more money, how to spend, etc.

In our 21st century, everyone is always thinking about money. People are looking for ways to make more and how and where to spend it.

But why do you think money has never lost its value at any single time? The answer is simple… being very scarce this commodity has created a very high demand from the general population.

Money has proved itself very hard to accumulate and that is why you should have a very high discipline when it comes to spending. As an adult, it is important to understand how to approach any financial situation.

If you want to develop proper money etiquette then you are at the right place. This article also doubles as important for transitional purposes from being a reckless spendthrift to a wise money spender.

Since now you are ready to become an adult it is important you learn this life-saving skills. I am sure after you are through reading this article you will have identified more than a dozen mistakes that you do when it comes to spending money.

Just read on…

1. Colliding Financial Judgment does not mean your Friend is Stupid

How do you like spending your hard-earned cash is different from how other people like. When it comes to a sensitive matter even identical twins differ.

Last year I was offered a promotion and I had to shift to a bigger more spacious office. It happened that my childhood buddy worked in the same locality and we happened to meet often. On that particular month, my payday lasted for a week so I was dead broke. Luckily my friend was loaded and we decided to grab a beer as it was on a Friday with a long weekend ahead.

When I suggested a particular pub my friend coldly told me that he could not afford their expensive services. My friend earned almost twice as I did and this left me surprised.

However, I did not insist and we settled for a place he felt comfortable with.

I concluded that he either had a loan he was servicing or maybe saving for something. As a good friend, I completely understood his reasoning for spending.

2. Never Judge a Personal Decision to Spend

One man’s meat is another poison. These were the words of Shakespeare (a renowned English poet)

However irrelevant it may look learn to respect other people’s financial decisions. As long as their spending does not topple the scales in your bank account, your friend is justified to spend his money the way they like. They have worked for it so they deserve full autonomy.

3. Understand your Friend’s Financial Tides before Proposing to that Expensive Restaurant

What are friends for if they don’t understand each other? It’s normal to be broke. Financial hard times among friends are normal and understandable.

Consider your friend’s situation and avoid expensive restaurants during such times. You are well aware he desperately needs that last coin

4. Mind Everyone when Splitting Lunch Bills.

Money is earned and not freely given out. You may not be aware what other people go through to earn a dollar. When you come together to dine everyone is supposed to pay for what he has ordered. However, sometimes we overlook this guy who is not enthusiastic about those expensive delicacies and drinks. While you order an expensive glass of wine he prefers a cheap one. It isn’t polite to ask him to make an equal contribution when footing the bill

Learn to foot your bills

5. Mind other Peoples’s Budget when Planning for a Hike or a Trip.

Have you ever at some point in life tried to fit in? At the end of the day, you were probably left worrying about your budget.

Why offset other people’s budgets? Before you make a budget, consult with all the members and learn how much they can offer comfort without disrupting their budget.

6. Never take Advantage of your Friendship and Exploit other People.

Do you have a friend who knows how to do a particular thing? If you contract them to help you in a task along their profession learn to pay them as much as you would pay any other person.

7. Learn to Pay your Debts

If you are indebted to someone, learn to pay him/her ASAP. It’s awkward if your friends keep following you up and demanding their money. Mind your reputation and give back what is not yours.

8. Stop Being Nosy.

What is Google for? You can find anything from there. Why put yourself in the bad light and nag your friends about how much their car coasted them? Stick to your lanes bro.

9. Protect your Secrets

Just because someone asked how much you bought your watch you are not at all obliged to tell them. However, don’t be rude when they ask… it is nice to answer them with another question rather than give them a direct answer.

10. Avoid making Negatively Comments about your Friend’s Enormous Spending

Pal, as much as it sounds ridiculously stupid it does not concern you. You are not even aware of how they acquired the money to buy that expensive car. You were never asked to contribute even a single dime so it does not concern you.

11. Never undermine someone who earns lesser than you.

Birds of a feather flock together. Know who to tell about your economic situation. Never complain about how you are broke to someone who you are dead sure to earn less than you do. He may think that you are looking down upon him

Have been around long enough; sticking to these 11 skills has saved me from public humiliation and also earned me a handful of faithful confidants.