Mission Statement

Bubblymiss.com is all about an ongoing conversation with YOU – the Bubbly Miss!
On your way to success – or already successful – we want to be your destination for
inspiring information, entertainment, education and unashamed real talk – regarding all
the things that matter to you!

Welcome to our Bubbly Miss community!

Vision & Values

At Bubbly Miss we believe that to be a strong woman in today’s bubbling world is an
amazingly wonderful thing, and that there is even more power and strength in our
connecting with each other – no matter how old we are, where we live, what our current
situations are, what we envision for our future, or the hardship we may currently face.
We are in this together, and that is why Bubbly Miss wants to offer a truly digital, yet
personal empowering toolbox – for an exciting and ongoing exchange amongst strong
women from all over the world.

We invite you to become part of the Bubbly Miss community, a safe place where we can
share our thoughts, opinions and all of life’s discoveries with each other …. and grow
closer as women who are finding their voices and want to make a difference in their

We want to be instrumental in you finding your voice and would also appreciate hearing
your personal story – let us travel this road together!
The following three core values have been most important to us from day one of our

Bubbly Miss conception:

Authentic Expertise

Life teaches us such valuable lessons! That is why, more than anything, we at Bubbly
Miss want to be authentic in our content! We know that we can only relate to someone
else’s struggles or challenges, if we have been there ourselves. So our authors try to
reflect and write mostly about their own experiences… concerning all of life’s ups and
downs, and draw from their personal successes and failures, joys as well as growing

Mutual Appreciation

Recognizing each woman’s uniqueness and worth is our highest priority. Our goal is not
to smother you with even more information and advice, but rather to ‘lift your spirit,

mind and body ’ out off the many daily challenges and guide you towards that wonderful
peaceful place of recognizing that You are Enough!

Whatever we write, we want your read to be worth your time, and we hope to empower
you to find – and share – your voice, as we continue on this exciting journey called life

Cultivated Integrity

Our internationally diverse staff, as well as a variety of female freelance editors,
rigorously review and update each content on our site.
We do not accept payment in exchange for coverage, in order to ensure that the topics
we write about and recommend are not indoctrinated.

Editorial Policy and Standards

We at Bubbly Miss are an international team of writers, editors, graphic designers, and
business and finance wizards, who are fully committed to publishing newsworthy and
helpful content, which represents and reflects all women.

By thoroughly editing and regularly evaluating our content, we seek to be accurate, clear
and fair.

We believe that true beauty is found in diversity, and our Bubbly Miss team represents
writers and editors from all backgrounds in regards to age, race, religion, abilities,
gender orientation and socioeconomic circumstances – all of which will also be reflected
in our content.

In order to uphold journalistic standards and ensure proper context to our readers, we
regularly consult with relevant and diverse qualified sources.

Featured articles, if not written by our team, will include a byline about the author’s
identity. Some articles may also have a tagline to provide additional information on the
covered topic.

We also believe that integrity is key to becoming – and being – successful, and we strive
to be completely honest and transparent in regards to correcting any factual errors.

We welcome your feedback under ……