10 Worst Myths You’ve Ever Heard About Weight Loss

Top 10 Weight Loss Myths

It is difficult to separate fact from myth when it comes to your health especially weight loss. Examples of a few Ludacris myths include; that drinking water at night will make you gain weight and if you scratch your head too often, then you will lose your hair. There are many more if you do your research. We will discuss 10 of the most common myths when it comes to weight loss.

1. Eat to Live, Don’t Live to Eat

Not true in all cases but this is a good way to look at it. It is better to eat a healthy meal filled with vegetables, proteins, and good carbs than to eat a pasta or pizza dish because it tastes good.

2. Exercise May Help You Lose Body Fat

This is true for some people but certainly not all. If you exercise a lot and burn more calories than you are eating, then you are bound to lose weight even if you are eating the same amount of food as before.

3. Cheese Will Make You Fat

Not true and in some cases, cheese can be helpful for you, especially for those people who struggle with weight control or who have a difficult time getting their bodies weight under control while also having low-fat proteins.

4. Skinny People Are Lean and Fit

This is not always true, just because you are skinny does not mean that you are lean and fit, sometimes a person can be skinny yet have excess body fat that they haven’t gotten rid of yet. It’s better to be fit and healthy than simply be thin.

5. Eating Slowly Will Make You Lose Weight

Not true, in fact eating slowly can make you gain weight, especially if you are eating too much and not shedding the fat.

6. Chewing Gum Helps You Lose Weight

In some cases, it’s all based on what you chewed, chewing gum can help but also causes a lot of damage to your teeth. Just be careful with what you are chewing and be well educated on the effects.

7. Skipping Meals Will Make You Lose Weight

Certainly, the most misleading myths when it comes to weight loss. skipping meals will leave you weak and hungry which is not good for you or your body. Try and eat 3-4 meals a day and always include fruits and vegetables in one of these meals to add minerals and vitamins to your diet.

8. If You Exercise More, You Will Lose Weight Faster

It is a regiment that some people swear by although it is not accurate. Sometimes a routine of exercise can help you lose weight but it doesn’t mean that you will reach your goal faster than another person who didn’t do as much exercise. You still need to watch your calorie intake and make sure that you are eating healthy meals to make progress.

9. Eating Before Bed Will Make You Gain Weight

This is a false belief; it is all about what you are eating before bed. You should indeed avoid certain foods before bed but if you eat something healthy before bed then it won’t make you gain weight. Some foods may make you gain weight such as pizza or pasta and bread but there are many other healthy alternatives for your evening meal.

10. Meat Will Make You Gain Weight

Not true, this myth is a lot older than what people think it is. There have been studies that show that meat in moderation can be beneficial for your body and even help you shed some extra fat. This does not mean that all meat is good for you but just be careful with how you prepare your meat and the type of cuts you are eating. There are different types of healthy meals to choose from, for example, poultry, beef, etc.


In conclusion, there are many myths about happiness, love, and weight loss. The next time you want to shed some pounds for good, think about the weight loss myths that can be detrimental to your health and well-being. Many people have tried to lose weight fast just by following the latest fad diet, but end up hurting themselves instead. This is why it is better to do your research and give yourself a good diet plan that you can adhere to without worrying about what others may say.

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