How A 40-Year-Old Mom Dropped 2 Dress Sizes in Less Than 3 Weeks

How A 40-Year-Old Mom Dropped 2 Dress Sizes in Less Than 3 Weeks

It may seem like a magic pill. How do you lose that much weight within a short period? it is a great question, especially considering that at this age, the rate of metabolism begins to go down. There is no fad diet, the secret lies in including the right habits in your life.

More important is sustainability. You can drop 2 dress sizes and then gain all that weight back. Our goal here is to lose that weight and keep it off. Starting simple is more important so that you can keep going up.  A quick weight loss plan may be hard to sustain. Yes, you can lose weight through the tips that I will outline below but let it be at your pace.

These tips have been suggested by fitness experts and hence totally safe. If you are mindful of what you eat, then you are probably in the right direction when it comes to weight loss. I believe they are easy to follow and that they can help you lose weight fast. Remember to include exercise and a proper diet for faster and better results.

1. Be mindful of what you eat after 8 pm

I guess that you have heard the saying’ Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen, and dinner like a pauper” The meaning of this adage is simple- reduce the portions of food that you consume as the day wears. Taking in more calories earlier in your day allows you more time to burn them off before bedtime.

Is it true that eating after 8 pm predisposes you to weight gain? The research was done by the king’s college London, a sample of 1620 children was targeted, they used data from the UK National Diet and Nutrition survey Programme from 2008-2012.  The research did not find a significant link between eating after 8 pm and weight gain.

Weight gain or loss majorly involves calorie mathematics if you are consuming more calories than you can burn, brace yourself for more unnecessary pounds. Not all calories are the same, therefore the quality of calories consumed is a significant factor in weight loss. For example, calories from vegetables, dairy, and whole grains are quality in comparison with calories derived from highly refined sugar and saturated fats.

Weight gain after 8 pm is linked to the types of food taken. Snacking after dinner is a common practice for many people. Notoriously, it consists of high-calorie foods like crisps, chocolate, and ice cream. If you are aiming to drop two sizes of dresses, then you have to be mindful of your evening eating habits. Be attentive to your hunger cues instead of eating or snacking due to stress, boredom, out of habit, or fatigue.

2. Eliminate alcohol

“If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream” from this popular quote we can derive the logic that if you put quality into your body, it will reciprocate and vice versa. Alcohol consumption and weight gain have a link.

 Although studies done on the subject have not established a conclusive link. There is evidence that men gain weight due to consumption of alcohol as opposed to women. the link between weight gain and alcohol may not be as straightforward as you think. It depends on various factors like your drinking habits and factors directly related to your unique body

Drinking habits that may predispose you to weight gain

  • What you drink
  • The amount that you consume
  • The frequency of consumption
  • What you take with your drink

Factors directly related to your unique body

  • Overall diet
  • Genetics
  • Gender
  • How physically active you are
  • Age
  • Your health-  where there are predisposing factors like diabetes or obesity.

You may ask “How does alcohol cause weight gain?” it reduces metabolism which reduces the rate at which your body burns fats, it reduces satiety–  you feel hungrier which makes you eat more. Most foods taken with alcohol are high calorie hence as you consume more alcohol, you will find yourself making poor food choices. It contains more kilojoules which lead to weight gain.

3. Stay hydrated

Can we emphasize this healthy practice enough? Most people who get into fitness programs are encouraged to drink more water. As matter of fact 30-59% of adults trying to lose weight in the US increase their water intake. Studies have shown that drinking more water is beneficial in losing and maintaining weight.

How does water help in weight loss?

It helps in burning more calories

It increases the resting energy expenditure which is key in burning calories.24-30% resting energy expenditure increase in adults, 10 minutes after drinking water has been seen. Studies have shown that taking half a liter of water daily helps in burning 23 extra calories.

It reduces appetite when taken before meals

As we have discussed before, weight loss is a game of numbers involving calories. When you reduce your appetite, the number of calories that you consume significantly reduces. You can try this practically by drinking water before a meal. You will feel fuller and hence eat less. Middle-aged and older people have produced impressive results from this healthy habit.

Water is calorie-free

In comparison with other beverages, water is calorie-free. This means that as you take in more water the calories that you consume reduce. Other beverages that you take may be high in sugar hence more calories.

4. Include more proteins and fiber in your diet

Fad diets can diminish your chances of ever losing weight. You may be jumping from one diet to another in a bid to lose weight faster but it is important to start with your priorities and the end goals. Food group-specified diets can be instrumental in your weight loss, building immunity, and muscle building. It is recommended that 20 grams of fiber should be consumed every day.

A high-fiber diet includes plant parts that cannot be absorbed by the body.  They go right through your body in their complete form. Soluble fiber is the best when it comes to satiety- they make you feel fuller and include: citrus fruits, oats, and beans. Insoluble fibers help you in increasing movement within your body hence presenting a slimmer outlook.

Consumption of more protein helps in building g muscle, feeling fuller for longer and increasing metabolism.

On that note, the best weight loss meal plan would be a high fiber, high protein diet. Some e of the high fiber, high protein foods include lentils, beans, mushrooms, legumes such as (peas, chickpeas, black beans, pinto beans) popcorn, and quinoa.

5. Get enough sleep

You can sleep into your weight loss. Sleep as it has been discovered through research is necessary for overall health. It reduces stress and enables enhances the efficient working of the body. Just as diet and exercise, sleep is equally important. In a bid to make more money for a desirable lifestyle, we end up missing out on sleep.

The benefits of sleep concerning weight loss have continuously been discovered through sleep. Lack of proper sleep has been linked to weight gain. Most people who sleep for a shorter time have been found to have more body mass index. More research has shown the link between obesity and sleep at different ages. It may be one factor, but combined with poor diet and lack of sleep can degenerate into obesity.

Poor sleep affects such hormones as ghrelin which are responsible for signaling hunger. Levels go low as you eat. When there is an imbalance of such a hormone you may find that you are feeling hungry frequently.  This may lead to the consumption of more calories than the body can burn.

It may help in limiting your appetite. Sleep-deprived people have reported having an increased appetite and high-calorie intake. This is due to increased cravings, consumption of larger portions, and binge eating.

Better sleep can help you make better food choices. “how does this happen?” it appears like the reward centers in the brain are stimulated by food if you have not slept well. When you are relaxed the brain reward centers are less stimulated. This makes it easier to resist foods that tempt you and instead make better and healthier choices.

Sleeping for 8 hours may force you to go to bed early. This can greatly reduce night-time snacking. I know that is a guilty pleasure for so many people.  Snacking increases calorie intake because as we are well aware most of the snacks taken are high in sugar and calories.

It may seem like an uphill task but be consistent. Dropping two dress sizes in less than three weeks takes some adjusting. The tips above can be helpful not only to motivate you but to give you a roadmap of how to do it.  Start eliminating alcohol, eating your dinner early, and getting better sleep. Ensure that you combine it with a healthy diet and some exercise. You will be impressed by the results.

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