Simple Chin Exercises for a Slimmer Neck

Simple Chin Exercises for a Slimmer Neck

Submental fat develops when fat start to accumulate between the collarbone and jaw. What causes neck fat? There are various reasons for developing neck fat, for example, genetics, weight gain, and age.

According to Medical News Today, a person genetically predisposed to double chin means that the family has little elasticity skin.

Body posture is also a cause of double chin. A bad posture weakens the neck and chin muscles since the skin loses elasticity.

Many people do not want to see a double chin every time they look in the mirror. Skin elasticity makes a person appear older than the actual age.

The first cause of action to combat skin elasticity is having a healthy diet full of fresh produce, lean protein, healthy fat, and whole grain. However, diet and exercise will only serve you to a point.

Chin Exercises That Slim and Firm Your Neck

The general context of exercises among people is strength training such as triceps, biceps, and weights. Nonetheless, double chin exercises firm the jawline, strengthen the neck muscles, and reduce neck fat.

Here are 8 exercises on how to get rid of neck fat:

Neck Rotation/Neck Rolls

The neck rotation reduces the neck fat while increasing blood circulation around the shoulders.

To do the exercise: sit or stand and spread your legs wide. Roll or rotate the neck clockwise and stretch. Avoid stretching too much because you can hurt the neck by stretching the neck far back or forward. Start gently until you get comfortable doing the exercise.

Keep the shoulder immobile and repeat the movement 20 times, clockwise and anticlockwise.

Fish lips

Fish lips is a perfect exercise to tone the chin and cheek muscles. It reduces flabbiness by strengthening and stretching the neck area and cheek muscles.

To do the exercise: in a comfortable position, stand or sit. Suck the cheeks until the face looks like fish lips. Hold the position for 5 seconds. You will feel the jaw and cheeks burning. Finally, do the exercise as many times as possible.

Chin towards the ceiling

Practice the exercise to get rid of neck fat and reduce loose skin and wrinkles.

To do the exercise: sit or stand in a comfortable position and make sure the spine is straight. In a gentle motion, tilt the head back and face the ceiling. Hold for a few seconds and repeat the reps 15 times every day.

If you suffer from neck strain, be careful not to tilt the head far.

Stick your tongue out/Lion Pose

It is the easiest double chin exercise to get rid of neck fat. Visualize the motion of a lion roaring and immolate.

To do the exercise: open the mouth widely, stick the tongue out, and then bring the tongue back slowly. Repeat the workout 20 times a day.

Mouthwash Exercise

The double chin exercise tones the cheeks and helps in reducing the double chin appearance.

To do the exercise: visually fill your mouth with mouthwash and swish from cheek to cheek. Next, fill the mouth again with air and swish it around. Maintain the motion for 10 minutes. Repeat the motion 5 times every day.

Ball Exercise

If you have a squeezable ball, use it to relieve stress, this exercise will require it.

To do the exercise: place the squeezable ball under the chin and push the chin downwards slowly. Repeat the exercise 30 times.

Whistle to the Sky

The workout strengthens neck muscles.

To do the exercise: relax the shoulders and sit straight. Lean the head back and face the ceiling. Close the lips in a whistle position; make sure the lips feel released, and you can feel the muscles contract. Hold the position for 20 seconds for 10 reps.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum to reduce neck fat. Additionally, it stretches the facial muscles and jaw muscles.

How Can I Get Rid of My Double Chin?

Do you want to know how to reduce neck fat? Sometimes exercises fall short of delivering a perfect neck. You can do cold laser therapy, which reduces neck fat.

Cold laser therapy shrinks the fat cells, and the body get rids of the fat inside. The fat cells shrink and become normal fat. The procedure preserves the healthier, shrunken fat cell in the body.

How to get rid of double chin using lymphatic drainage massage

The lymphatic drainage massage reduces face puffiness on the face; in addition, the procedure variation applies to the jaw and chin. Facial massage techniques relieve tension in the tone, jaw, and muscle lift. The techniques help the lymphatic drainage to make the skin appear lifted.

Perform the technique in a circular motion to increase blood circulation reduce fluid retention, and drain toxins in your face. The lymph nodes along the jawline require upward massage to assist the lymphatic draining process. Facial massage increases blood flow and increases oxygen or nutrients to the skin. In addition, it increases collagen production.

Here are 5 steps for performing lymphatic drainage massage at home:

· Tilt the head upwards and start at the center base of the neck. Stroke upwards towards the center of the chin using cream.

· Alternate to the right side and perform the same technique.

· Place the index finger knuckles below the jawline and middle finger knuckles on top of the jawline forming a V. if you pinch the middle skin, you are on the right track.

· Exert some pressure in the knuckles and run from the base upwards to the ear lobes. Then, return to the base.

· Repeat the run 5 times on each side.

· Perform the procedure three times a week.

Additionally, you can use a jade roller to stimulate lymphatic draining. Always roll it upwards around the neck but never downwards since it increases wrinkles and drags skin elasticity.

How to get rid of neck fat under chin

Despite the neck fat exercise, there are treatments to help. Here are 3 treatments on how to reduce neck fat:

Face Masks

There are facemasks available that help in getting rid of neck fat. Examples of the facemasks include glycerin masks, coffee, and green tea masks.

Additionally, a homemade daily mask comprising lemon juice, honey, and egg whites helps in reducing fat around the neck.


A natural and healthy diet reduces the double chin mainly caused by weight gain. You can reduce the amount of calorie intake daily.

According to a report in Journal Obesity, drinking water regularly get rid of neck fat. The study suggests that drinking water before meals leads to more weight loss.

Additionally, you can incorporate water and water-rich foods into your diet to remove toxins. Examples include melons and cucumber.


If you are not afraid of invasive procedures to get rid of neck fat, you can opt for surgery. There are 3 main procedures:

Mesotherapy – the procedure involves injecting compounds around the neck area to dissolve fat. The process is long and requires 6 months. Some people require more or less than 100 injections. It all depends on what the person wants. The downfall of the procedure is if done incorrectly, it causes nerve damage.

Liposculpting – the procedure removes the fat through laser or suction. It only eliminates the fat and does not affect skin elasticity.

Kybella – is an FDA-approved drug. One treatment requires 50 injections to the fat tissue. The treatment occurs monthly, and a person requires an average of 6 treatments.

The treatments have side effects such as swelling, pain, and bruising. The procedure does not guarantee lifetime treatment if the person does not change their lifestyle.

How can I lose neck fat in a week?

Here are effective exercises that will reveal results in a week:

Neck Glides

It is a backward–forward motion and side-side motion. The workout reduces muscle tension, and it is effective.

How to do it

1. side

· Stand or sit in a comfortable position, legs apart on a back chair.

· Without moving the shoulder, glide the neck to the left, holding the position for 5 seconds.

· Repeat the movement to the right

· Alternate both sides 30 times.

2. Front

· Sit or stand on a back chair

· Glide the neck to the front while pushing the jaw to its maximum.

· Hold for 5 seconds

· Without lowering the jaw, push back.

· Repeat 20 times.

Self-neck traction

Great posture helps get rid of neck fat, but regular exercises also help. The exercise eliminates unwanted fat in the neck. In addition, it relaxes adjoining muscles and relieves pain.

How to do it

· Using a yoga mat, lie down. Make sure the whole body touches the ground.

· Place the legs at a 60-degree angle.

· Place one hand behind the head and the other on the chest.

· Exert pressure on the chest while pulling the neck up.

· You will feel a stretch on the neck. Hold the position for 10 seconds

· Return to the resting position slowly

· Repeat the exercise 20 times with a five-second gap every five stretches.

Why is my neck fat but I’m skinny?

Sometimes genetics pass through generations. Your family has the tendency of having extra submental fat around the chin and neck. With various exercises and a diet, you can eliminate the fat.

The Bottom Line

Neck fat affects self-esteem. You can reduce the fat content through diets, exercises, and treatment. The exercises are simple and done in the comfort of your home. Make sure not to stretch the neck far back or forward to avoid having any pain.

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